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~ A huge package arrived in the mail, not stuff for me to review but instead one of those scanning devices that's connected to a "scan everything you buy and send us the info" thingies. Which takes very little time out of my day, and apparently will get me $15 a month plus chances to win gift cards, so I figure if I have the time, why not go for it. Hence the package arriving. Now I have to set it up and start scanning barcodes.

Which will probably take all of, what, 2 minutes a day. Maximum. If I've bought anything that day.

Total that up and it means about an hour a month of doing stuff I wouldn't normally do. $15 an hour is good money!

~ Went out in the morning to finish up some last bits of holiday shopping and to pick up some groceries. Stuffed pork chops were on sale again, so I definitely had to get them! A package of 2 pork chops stuffed with brown sugar and apples is normally $8, but they often go on sale for half price, as they did today, so yeah, I wasn't passing up that delicious deal!

~ Having to soak gauze off a wound because pulling it off would be very bad is just not a fun experience. Even less so when infections are involved. I could really do without this right now.

For the curious, I have 2 badly infected toenails. And they've been this way for years. A podiatrist treated them at one point by cutting off parts of the nail, but they grew back badly again, and the infection never really went away, and honestly, I'm so used to dealing with it that I don't even think about going to another doctor about it most of the time.

Though I probably should. If it takes removing half the nail on each big toe to make sure it can't go ingrown again, that would hurt like crap but admittedly be better than the alternative. Antibiotics would be great, too. (I kind of like being prescribed antibiotics for other infections, because my toes improve while I'm taking the pills.)

~ Spent a while talking on the phone to my dad tonight, which was nice. He woke me up, but it was still nice to talk to him.
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~ I ranked high enough on the last Pokemon Shuffle event to get a Gardevoirite!

~ Still staying on top of my wordcount goal for my unofficial participation in NaNoWriMo. Not doing it officially means I don't feel as guilty if I miss a day for whatever reason, or only write 1000 words instead of 1666, but my goal is to teach myself to write steadily, consistently. Getting to 50,000 words is no challenge at all for me now; one November I did that in 12 days, just to see how quickly I could do it.

But a big block to my writing has been burn-out, and that leads to never finishing a manuscript. I've learned a lot about writing first drafts. I've learned a lot about editing. I've learned a lot about what appeals to readers, what pitfalls to watch out for, all the things I learned from reviewing for so many years. Now it's time to give myself the lesson that I hope will be the final piece in the puzzle and allow me to complete something that can be further worked on and hopefully, with some time and luck, be turned into a manuscript that an agent or publisher might consider taking on.

~ I finished rereading Courtney Schafer's The Tainted City and moved right along to The Labyrinth of Flame, which I've been so excited about for, oh, about 2 years now. I have such high hopes for this book being amazing!

~ Taking a melatonin pill right before bed does help me sleep, but there's every chance that it helps me sleep too well, since I got about 12 hours of sleep, was in the same position for much of it and so woke up with a load of body aches and trouble moving, and had disturbing dreams in which I started to have hallucinations, seizures, and started to lose control of how my body moved. Maybe I should stick with half a pill when I need it, instead of a whole one, and see if that cuts down on the vivid dreams and too-deep sleep.

~ Sarah Chorn of Bookworm Blues wrote a great rant on the accessibility problems at conventions, and it's well worth the read. It's been a while since I've had an obvious physical limitation (doesn't mean I don't have less obvious ones), but I've still encountered opposition at multiple places when I try to tell them, "Guys, you're not mobility accessible. You need to be!" One company said they couldn't provide a ramp because they only rented a building and couldn't force the owner to put one in without good cause, and said they figured anyone coming for an interview would tell them in advance about mobility problems so they could arrange said interview off-site for better accommodation. (So they required full-disclosure from an applicant, which is sketchy, and then they'd have every reason to not hire that person if it put them in the position of having to force building renovations if that person stuck around...) One employee left that same company because of mobility issues, after the automatic doors stopped being automatic and problems with mobility due to dwarfism made it very difficult for him to open those doors and even get into the building.

I know that at some point in my life, there's a good chance that I, either temporarily or permanently, will end up facing mobility issues again. And Sarah's right: accessibility shouldn't be something that's praised, it should be standard. The lack of it shouldn't be something so frequently encountered by people who need it to be different, and who are thus excluded not only from fun extracurricular stuff (though cons aren't always extra-curricular; sometimes attending them is part of one's career), but also from getting jobs or buying groceries. This stuff shouldn't still happen as often as it does.
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~ As always, grocery shopping on Friday morning was fun. I took advantage of a few sales and came home with plenty of toilet paper, some ground pork, ground turkey, simmering steaks... Most of what I buy at grocery stores now is meat, because vegetables are so cheap at the 2 farmers markets, so it's better to just get meat when there are good sales and get vegetables elsewhere even when they're at regular prices.

Unless there are some good fruits or vegetables on the markdown rack. Last time I got 5 ears of corn for $1.49, which is a good price for this time of year. Most of the stuff there isn't much good unless you're going to use it within a day, maybe 2, but sometimes I can find some amazing deals on markdown produce.

~ One of the grocery stores I went to has a walk-in medical clinic, so even though I was tired and had groceries to take care of and just wanted to come home and go to bed, I sat there for an hour and a half until I got an appointment. Got a prescription for my asthma meds, filled them the next morning, and yay, I have things that let me breathe properly once again! Expensive, but I prefer oxygen to money most days anyway.

Sadly, my meds are more expensive here than they were in the last province I lived. By about $30. Which is very unfortunate, since it's not like I'm going to stop needing them any time soon, so that's an extra expense on top of the regular expense and bleh, why do I have to be unhealthy, anyway>

I also got this year's flu shot while I was there, which was cheaper than it was in the other province, but not by enough to offset the increased cost of the asthma meds. To offset the cost, the pharmacy would have to have paid me $10 to get the flu shot. They were usually around $20, before. But even then, I never paid, because my asthma entitled me to a free flu shot each year. (Pre-existing lung conditions occasionally have minor perks.) But that same allowance isn't given by this province, so I went from paying nothing to now paying $12, on top of paying $30 more for my regular meds.

But hopefully the vaccine will help keep me from getting as sick this winter, and my regular meds will do the rest to keep my lungs in decent working order. I hate that they cost so much, but I do like not being sick.

~ I earned enough points doing surveys to get a $10 payout! I have plans for this $10. Not huge plans, because it's only $10, but I'm going to have a little bit of fun with it. Money I earn from surveys like that is my fun money, money that doesn't need to go elsewhere, so I'm pretty happy earning little bits here and there to help me buy a video game or craft supplies every once in a while.

~ I finally splurged and bought a microwave, too, which, even though it was expensive (though it was still the cheapest microwave there), will help me make sure I eat more leftovers. Leftovers are a pain to reheat without something convenient like a microwave, so sometimes I just wouldn't go through the hassle, and some food would go to waste. No longer! So even if it was an expense, I think it will save money in the long run.

~ I've been having so many problems with my Internet connection lately. Sometimes it works wonderfully, high speeds and everything... for about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes less. And when it stops working, I'm left with no Internet connection for at least half an hour. I'm not sure if it's the router in the living room, or the signal booster on my computer, or something else entirely. I can't find anything on virus or malware scans, which means that "something else" isn't too likely, but that still leaves me with two options that I can't do much about. Other devices do work when they're closer to the router, but also sometimes they don't, and the router needs to be reset, so in the end I just have no idea.

I suppose I should try to see it as a mixed blessing. A sporadic Internet connection means less opportunity to get distracted by online stuff when I ought to be doing other things. The Internet's great for a lot, but it's also great for killing certain kinds of productivity, and really, sometimes I do need an excuse to step away and do other things. Not necessarily step away from my computer, because there's plenty of work I can do on it without needing the Internet, but step away from YouTube and Facebook and other distractions that I really need less of in my life.

Still. That doesn't make the lousy connection any less frustrating to deal with.
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~ I skipped a day of posting! I try not to do that, but normally I like my posts to go up at the end of the day according to the clock, and then I slept until almost 2:30 in the morning, so I figured it would bother my picky brain less to skip a day than it would to backdate it to say, "Yeah, I just did more housework," or to post it late. Blame my brain.

~ I don't know if it was all the work I was doing around the house, but I now have a huge pain in my right knee, and an even bigger pain just below my left hip, leading partway down my thigh.

~ I watched 2 Jurassic Park movies earlier today. The 2nd and the 3rd, because I already knew the 1st was good and I didn't want to watch a good movie. I wanted to watch some bad ones. The 3rd was still far worse than the 2nd, but neither of them were going to win prizes. Unless it was a prize for having a lousy gender balance. At least in the 2nd movie there are 2 women and one of them's a scientist. The 3rd movie had 1 woman who added nothing to the plot except for screaming and a few comments to her ex-husband about how she's glad they got to spend time together again... You know, the time that they're searching for their son, who's been missing and alone for 8 weeks on a dinosaur-infested island and everyone's in danger. Yeah. Real quality bonding time.

~ My lungs are slowly going to hell with my lack of medication. I woke up twice today to take Ventolin. I really hope my health card gets here soon, so I can get a doctor's appointment and get a prescription for Flovent again. If I have Flovent, I usually only need Ventolin once a day, and that's as a precautionary thing rather than because my lungs are actually seizing up. And without that health card, I'll have to pay another $50 to go to a clinic, at least, just to get the prescription that will cost me more money.

I do have a backup plan, at least. If I run out of Ventolin before I get my health card, I'll just go to the hospital. They're more expensive, but they don't charge up front. They'll just send me a bill. Which I'll submit to provincial health and get them to reimburse because I'm eligible for coverage, but just don't have a card to prove that yet. I'd really rather not do that if I have another option, but in a pinch, it's on the table as a possibility.

I'll be extremely happy if my card gets here tomorrow, though, and I can make a quick clinic appointment on Wednesday and get this all taken care of then. Fingers crossed!
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~ I managed to get both Palkia and Dialga and beat level 50 of the Latias challenge to get a Latiasite in Pokemon Shuffle, all of which makes me very very happy! I'm not sure I'll be able to rank high enough on the Mega Absol challenge to get an Absolite, either. No matter; even if I don't manage it this time, I'm sure those levels will come around again at some point in the future.

~ Last night I got the laundry folded and put away, the recycling bagged and taken down to the basement until pickup day, washed a load of dishes, vacuumed the downstairs room and the stairs leading upstairs, and a bit of the junk cleared off the kitchen table.

I also ended up taking a nap, due to sleeping very little the night before. Completely worth it, because I probably managed to get more done after feeling rested and refreshed than I would have if I'd just tried to push through the fatigue.

~ Tried a chai latte from Starbucks. It was pretty good. Not as good as the ones I used to be able to get at Java Moose, but since there's no Java Moose here, Starbucks's is a decently-priced alternative.

I also tried their gouda, egg, and bacon breakfast sandwich. It was okay. Nothing special, and smaller than I expected, so I don't really think it's worth the price. I can spend only a little bit more across the street at A&W and get a couple of their bacon & egger breakfast sandwiches, which taste better and fill me up more.

~ Walked about 2.5 km today, which isn't spectacular, but it's more than I usually do, and it helped me get a load of steps logged on my FitBit, so yay!

~ Ended up with a random inexplicable fever while trying to sleep, one that seemed to sap me of my ability to feel like I had any body heat whatsoever, and I slept under a ridiculous number of blankets and had to take muscle relaxants to unclench enough to fall asleep in the first place. I woke up later, drenched with sweat and feeling shaky. I still feel shaky, truthfully, but I can't get away with not doing housework tonight. Fortunately I have a friend coming over tomorrow who can help me with whatever's left over, so I can go easy on myself tonight, at least a little bit.

~ Supper tonight was leftover salmon and rice. So when I do more housework later, at least I'll have some high-energy food in my belly to help keep me going!
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~ I caught up on episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, watched the newest Equestria Girls movie (which was awesome, by the way!), and once I was done with those, I started watching season 4 of Once Upon a Time, which has recently appeared on Netflix. So, last night wasn't exactly a productive night, if you count productivity as making things or fixing things or what have you, but I did catch up on more of my TV-watching, and it was nice to just take a night and relax with happy things like that.

~ I woke up early to meet with a friend so we could go see Hotel Transylvania 2. It was a slow walk, because my lungs are extra twitchy these days now that the weather's turning colder and I don't have my proper asthma medication (I'm waiting for my provincial health card to arrive before I make a clinic appointment to get refills, because otherwise an appointment is likely to cost me at least $50 on top of what the medication will cost, and that's money I just don't have right now), but at least I'm still able to walk, and even if it's slow I like getting out and getting fresh air because soon it'll get too cold and snowy for the outside world to hold any appeal at all!

It was a pretty good movie, too. Not as good as the first movie, I think, but I still enjoyed it.

We also stopped at Pita Pit for supper, and I tried their chicken caesar pita. Very tasty! I want to try their gyro pita next time, or possibly the falafel one!

~ I found a drug trial for asthma that I submitted my info for. They're not currently accepting new patients for the study, but they've got my info in case anything opens up, which excites me a bit because I might get to be part of something that could, at the very least, provide some research data, and in a best case scenario might contribute to making things easier for me and other people with asthma.

~ I did enough surveys through MintVine this past week that once my points clear, I should be able to get $10 into my PayPal account, which will be a nice little boost, especially considering that it took me less than a week to get that many surveys done. It's not much, but even a little bit of extra money here and there makes me happy and gives me a little more freedom to buy silly things that I can't justify from the rest of my income.

~ My mother surprised me with a subscription to Humble Monthly, so now I'll have plenty of new video games to play around with on a regular basis! If anyone wants to add me on Steam, I'll be giving away codes to any duplicate games I get, and friends get first priority.

The first batch of games doesn't release until November, but I'm already excited to see which ones are there!

~ Took a trip to the Dollarama and I found a package of chocolate cookies with tiramisu filling for $1.50. When I paid for them, the cashier said she tried them and they were so good, so now I can't wait to try them!


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