Oct. 12th, 2015

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~ I skipped a day of posting! I try not to do that, but normally I like my posts to go up at the end of the day according to the clock, and then I slept until almost 2:30 in the morning, so I figured it would bother my picky brain less to skip a day than it would to backdate it to say, "Yeah, I just did more housework," or to post it late. Blame my brain.

~ I don't know if it was all the work I was doing around the house, but I now have a huge pain in my right knee, and an even bigger pain just below my left hip, leading partway down my thigh.

~ I watched 2 Jurassic Park movies earlier today. The 2nd and the 3rd, because I already knew the 1st was good and I didn't want to watch a good movie. I wanted to watch some bad ones. The 3rd was still far worse than the 2nd, but neither of them were going to win prizes. Unless it was a prize for having a lousy gender balance. At least in the 2nd movie there are 2 women and one of them's a scientist. The 3rd movie had 1 woman who added nothing to the plot except for screaming and a few comments to her ex-husband about how she's glad they got to spend time together again... You know, the time that they're searching for their son, who's been missing and alone for 8 weeks on a dinosaur-infested island and everyone's in danger. Yeah. Real quality bonding time.

~ My lungs are slowly going to hell with my lack of medication. I woke up twice today to take Ventolin. I really hope my health card gets here soon, so I can get a doctor's appointment and get a prescription for Flovent again. If I have Flovent, I usually only need Ventolin once a day, and that's as a precautionary thing rather than because my lungs are actually seizing up. And without that health card, I'll have to pay another $50 to go to a clinic, at least, just to get the prescription that will cost me more money.

I do have a backup plan, at least. If I run out of Ventolin before I get my health card, I'll just go to the hospital. They're more expensive, but they don't charge up front. They'll just send me a bill. Which I'll submit to provincial health and get them to reimburse because I'm eligible for coverage, but just don't have a card to prove that yet. I'd really rather not do that if I have another option, but in a pinch, it's on the table as a possibility.

I'll be extremely happy if my card gets here tomorrow, though, and I can make a quick clinic appointment on Wednesday and get this all taken care of then. Fingers crossed!


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