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~ I actually acted like a real adult person and did chores last night! I siphoned out more water from the basement, washed all the bedding, and did a huge load of dishes.

~ Because the Internet was being very persnickety last night, I also spent most of it offline, and without distractions, I managed to finished rereading Catherynne Valente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making, and started on the next book in the series, The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There. Long titles, but short books, and they're really entertaining!

~ I played some Torchlight, too, because it's been a little while since I had a good dungeon-crawl. I didn't get any Steam achievements during the session, because I got bored and wanted to read more, but I did get a little further, and got some bonus dungeon maps so I can get more loot. More loot equals more money, which equals better equipment, which means tougher dungeons.

Yeah, this is pretty much all games like Torchlight are. And yet, they're strangely compelling.

~ I managed to do 30 situps! I admittedly didn't sit up very far each time (enough to feel the muscles in my abdomen start to tense, though), and I did them in 3 sets rather than all at once, with a 30-second break between each set, but I did them! I need to get back to doing situps at night, and other exercises too. Winter's coming, and it's harder for me to get out for walks whether the weather's cold and snowy and icy, so anything I can do inside that doesn't involve special equipment is great.

I wish I still had my hand weights, though. I had to leave them behind when I moved, because there wasn't enough room to bring absolutely everything from where I lived before, and they were among the things I had to get rid of for space reasons. I'd like to get another set, someday. They were really helpful.

In the meantime, a 540 ml can of pureed pumpkin can provide some lift resistance, even if it doesn't provide much weight!
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~ I didn't post a Daily Grind entry last night because I did absolutely nothing, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But saying, "I did absolutely nothing and thoroughly enjoyed it" doesn't make for a very interesting entry when there's nothing else to accompany it.

~ Had a great phone call with my dad, in which we talked about our usual wide variety of things: sex toys, hoverboards, transgender issues, the state of Islamophobia in the US. Really, this is actually a pretty average sampling of the topics we discuss when we talk. We bring up everything and anything, and it's usually pretty enjoyable. It was nice to hear from him again.

We did have a fun conversation about what I might like for Christmas, and he asked me to browse Amazon and send him a couple of ideas. I know roughly the price range he'd be looking at, so that helps narrow it down. The two biggest things I want in my life right now that I don't have are an affordable vlogging camera, or a manual treadmill. I miss vlogging, for one thing, and I also think that a manual treadmill would help me get more exercise when it's really cold or stormy outside.

The downside is that most manual treadmills have weight limits of, well, less than what I weigh. So I don't even know if I should be considering that as an option until I've lost more weight... Ironic, seeing as how I figure that it would help me lose weight...

~ Turkey burgers for supper. Nothing special, unless you count me adding a bit of smoked gruyere cheese to them (which goes so nicely with turkey, by the way).

~ My reviewing certainly seems to be taking off even more these days, with some of the products people are offering. So far I know I have 2 smartwatches and a wireless speaker coming my way, and a probably partnership to be a long-term regular reviewer for a plus-size clothing seller. All of which thrills me probably more than it ought to. Even though these aren't big brands that I'm being offered, I like that I managed to garner enough attention over the years to make people think I'm worth pitching stuff to.

~ Went out before bed to get some holiday shopping done, including a charity gift for a local senior citizen, a pork shoulder for Yule, and other assorted goodies. Then went to the library for a variety of new books, because books! I ended up walking over 11,000 steps today, which made my goal and then some!
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~ I'm a bit addicted to Nestea honey ginseng green tea. They come in these huge 695 ml cans for $0.99 (except at a nearby grocery store where they're on sale for $0.88 right now), and I swear I can drink 3-4 of these things in a day if somebody doesn't give me a good reason to resist. When I first discovered them, I carried 10 of them home in grocery bags and limited myself to 2 a day, so that I wouldn't have to go back for more very often, and it was really hard to limit myself. Each can has a fair bit of sugar (18% of the RDV, which is so out of touch with reality that it's not worth paying close attention to anyway), so 2 cans has a lot of sugar, but they also have more liquid than I usually drink in a day, so it's worth the tradeoff.

I've always been terrible at keeping myself properly hydrated. Really, even if I get a bit more sugar than normal, it's worth it to have warm hands and feet and to not have headaches and dry mouth and a stuffed up nose so much.

~ I started watching The 100, because it was on Netflix and I'd heard it was better than the books (which I found to be pretty lackluster). It's not bad so far. Definitely some strong visuals, and the plot moves forward much more quickly than it did in the books, which is a definite point in the show's favour. Some events seem utterly out of order, but that was probably done to make for a better visual experience, and granted, I'm only 3 episodes in at the moment, but it hasn't caused any weird conflicts or anything that I can spot. The acting's decent, the cinematography is good;, so it seems like it could be a pretty good watch. There are only 29 episodes, so it shouldn't take me long to watch all of them.

~ My replacement FitBit arrived today! And it actually works, which makes me so wonderfully happy! Now the challenge is to see if I can actually get 10,000 steps in every day. This in my account, if anyone feels like adding or friending or whatever it is you do there so people who know people can follow each other's exercise attempts.

This makes me extra tempted to go out tomorrow morning before bed, for a nice long walk to Starbucks so I can see if they really do have a decent chai latte. Last time I had Starbucks, it was pretty unimpressive, but they get a lot of their tea from Teavana at the moment, and I know that's good stuff. It'd be a treat for me, and give me exercise!

~ I slept so badly last night. I got only around 4 hours of sleep before cats woke me up with their rambunctious running around, combined with gnawing hunger, and a really stuffed up nose that meant I had to take the last of my decongestant pills. So one way or the other, I have to go out in the morning no matter how cruddy I feel, so I can get more pills. (I can take a relatively short walk to the pharmacy to get pills, or a longer walk to get chai and then pills at a different store, so it all depends on how I feel in the morning. But I'm going out either way.)

~ I want to spend my upcoming night playing video games, but alas, because the landlord's coming by at some point later this month (possibly next week, but I have yet to hear definitively) so he can clean the furnace filters, I want to get the rest of the water out of the basement. And the carpeted stairs need a good vacuuming. And while I'm at it I ought to mop the downstairs floors, too, to make them look extra good. I normally wouldn't go all out like this when it comes to cleaning, and my house is generally pretty presentable and not one I'd be ashamed to have people see, but the landlord is the kind of person who complains that it's messy if he sees cat fur stuck to a chair, so. I want to give him no reason to get ridiculous when he's over. Quick visit, in and out, and then I can go back to my life without as many interruptions.

Part of the deal for renting the house is that the landlord takes care of the yardwork, and I take care of snow removal. Which is fine by me, and means that at least in the winter, I won't have to deal with weekly, "I'm coming to mow the lawn tomorrow" texts and emails. If last winter is any indication, he'll generally leave me alone until it's time to cut the grass again. Of course, then it'll be non-stop interruptions for the whole grass-growing season, but at least I do get part of the year without that hassle.

~ Now it's raining, and the sound of rain on the windows makes me want to curl up under blankets and not do anything. Of course, on the night when I have to do things!
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~ I had a nice 3 km walk yesterday. The more I measure the distance I walk, the more I realize that a kilometre isn't actually as long as it sounds, nor as difficult to walk. Well, assuming it's a relatively flat kilometre, anyway.

~ I watched the latest episode of My Little Pony. This is twice now that Big Mac has done something undeniably feminine and seemed really happy about it. I'm starting to have plotbunnies about a transgender Big Mac!

~ I slept for about 11 hours today. I didn't mean to sleep so long, but it's a side effect of being warm under the blankets and it being cold outside them, so even if I'm not tired anymore, I stay in bed because I'm comfortable and then I just end up falling back to sleep anyway. I really need to break that habit; it's resulting in me sleeping far too much and feeling too crunched for time by the time I finally do get up.

~ It's definitely the time of year to wear fuzzy fluffy socks around the house!
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~ I finally remembered to make syrup from the 1 lb box of strawberries in the fridge. All but 3 of the berries were useful, so there was very little waste. Next time, I though, I need to remember to use less sugar than the recipe calls for, because this batch turned out so sweet that it could be candy!

It also yields about 300 ml of syrup, which isn't as much as I was hoping for, but it's still something, and it will still flavour things well, which is all I need.

And now I have stewed strawberries from the leftovers, which I'll probably eat over toasted English muffins!

~ I can't believe it's October already! 3 more months and 2015 will be over.

Because it's a new month, I feel like I ought to make a list of goals to accomplish before November. I usually end up failing miserably when it comes to goal lists, but over the past few years, I've gotten better at doing a lot of things I used to do badly at, so maybe this time it will actually work out.

~ The rain came down really hard last night, and while the area didn't get flooded, I know I got pretty lucky. Seeing videos of some cities in southern NB made me appreciate that PEI missed the worst of the storm. There was enough water falling from the sky here to reduce the road outside my house to about half a lane's width by the time it really stopped falling. Glad I didn't have to be outside in it, either!

~ 30 situps today! 15+10+5. Each time it gets a little easier!

~ Months ago I got a 375 ml bottle of Torani caramel syrup because it was marked down to $1.99 at Foodland. It normally sells for $7.99 a bottle, so for that price, I wasn't about to pass it up, even if I didn't know at the time what I'd use it for. Lately I've been adding a tablespoon to a pink mug of milk and making really delicious milk that I don't want to stop drinking! I keep hoping that the store will have more marked down bottles, but I haven't seen any since I bought the caramel syrup. Shame, because there are a lot of Torani flavours I'd love to try!

~ On the downside, I slept like butt last night. Had trouble getting to sleep, then I had trouble staying asleep. I'm hoping that being tired tonight will mean I'll be so tired tomorrow morning that the same thing doesn't happen, and that I can get a decent day of sleep then. Fingers crossed, anyway.
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~ The 4th season of Once Upon A Time is on Netflix now! I definitely have to make some time to catch up on that show!

~ Did 20 situps tonight: 8+8+4. This is something I want to do more of on a regular basis, because it takes almost no time at all out of my night, and over time it'll help me get stronger and hopefully lose some of the extra weight I'm carrying.

~ Managed to catch both Latias and Keldeo in Pokemon Shuffle! :D Much happiness, because I didn't think I'd get either of them so quickly! If I can keep grinding away at the Latias level, though, I might be able to get a Latiasite so it can Mega Evolve, but I'm not sure my team's even strong enough to get that far anyway, so I don't know if it's worth trying and using up time that could be better spent on other levels.

~ I joined a few "get paid for doing surveys" sites last night, partly because I've had some luck with them in the past (from 1, I ended up getting about $40 in gift cards, and that was with me mostly slacking and missing out on a lot of potential surveys). Any rewards I get aren't going to make a huge difference to my budget, but even a little bit extra now and then can be helpful.

~ Because I had to wake up earlier than normal, I woke up even earlier than that, so I think I only slept for about 6 hours. My eyes are burning, but not so badly that I'll need to nap later. I think. But it was worth it, because I had a lot of fun at embroidery class.

~ Touch wood, but I think I'm on the mend and that stupid cold is finally leaving me!
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~ Slept until midnight, because whaaaaat? I went to bed shortly after noon, and it took a little while for me to fall asleep, but I really didn't expect to sleep in until midnight! I just hope that doesn't screw me for trying to get to sleep at a decent time today.

~ Finished up with Ferrett Steinmetz's The Flux and started on Kameron Hurley's Empire Ascendant. It pulls no punches early on and expects you to know exactly where the last book left off, and considering The Mirror Empire was complex and had a large cast of characters, it's a little disorienting and I'm trying to pick things up as I go rather than letting myself feel overwhelmed. I don't want to put this one down and reread the first one, even though I'd enjoy that, because I'm behind on my reading goals for the year already and rereading something would take up time I'd rather use to read something new.

But even though I feel a little lost in regard to some aspects of the plot, I'm getting back to grips with it all, and the writing and story is more than good enough to keep me wanting more anyway. I'm not losing anything by feeling lost.

~ Watched the first 4 episodes of Chihayafuru, which is pretty good and more interesting than I initially expected it to be. I'm enjoying it so far, anyway.

~ Apparently there's a 3rd Ring movie coming out soon. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this. I enjoyed most of the Japanese movies in the series. I remember The Ring was what got me into J-horror in the first place. The Ring 2 was so forgettable that I actually couldn't remember if I'd seen it or not. And now this third one, which may or may not be worth seeing but I'm probably going to see it anyway. I just hope it's decent.

And I should probably rewatch the first 2 movies, just so I can refresh my memory a little.

~ Walked 10,000 steps today, which surprised me, because it's been a long time since I walked that much. I'm proud of myself, though! My feet hurt, though.


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