Oct. 4th, 2015

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~ I had a nice 3 km walk yesterday. The more I measure the distance I walk, the more I realize that a kilometre isn't actually as long as it sounds, nor as difficult to walk. Well, assuming it's a relatively flat kilometre, anyway.

~ I watched the latest episode of My Little Pony. This is twice now that Big Mac has done something undeniably feminine and seemed really happy about it. I'm starting to have plotbunnies about a transgender Big Mac!

~ I slept for about 11 hours today. I didn't mean to sleep so long, but it's a side effect of being warm under the blankets and it being cold outside them, so even if I'm not tired anymore, I stay in bed because I'm comfortable and then I just end up falling back to sleep anyway. I really need to break that habit; it's resulting in me sleeping far too much and feeling too crunched for time by the time I finally do get up.

~ It's definitely the time of year to wear fuzzy fluffy socks around the house!


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