Nov. 26th, 2015

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~ I'm at the 47k mark in NaNo! I'm hoping to be finished this weekend. I could probably finish tomorrow, since 3k days aren't that difficult for me when I get really into a scene, but I can't say for sure. Still, I don't expect to be scrambling for words at the very last minute on Monday, at least.

~ My landlord has been making noises about selling the house lately. He's offered to give me first purchase chance, which is nice, except that I can't afford it because I have no downpayment saved up in order to qualify for any kind of mortgage.

And him putting the house on the market will result in 2 things happening. 1) People will come to see the house during the day, which is when I sleep, so I'll have to disrupt my sleep schedule. 2) If they want me to leave the house during the showing, there's a chance 1 of my cats will escape because 5 cats are hard to keep an eye on when you're not used to it. And even if none of them escape, they'll still be disturbed by strangers tromping through what they consider their space, and I don't want to do that to them.

So I spent tonight looking for other houses or apartments to rent. It's tough, because even places that say they're pet-friendly are only friendly to a certain point. Like, they'll let you have a cat or a small dog, but 5 cats is too many, no matter how clean and quiet and well-behaved they are.

But there were 7 places within the city that are affordable and might consider renting to me. I sent emails tonight for more details, explaining about the cats right away, so if they don't want to rent to me I won't waste my time in seeing the property and discussing anything else with them. But I've got my fingers crossed. I don't want to move again, but I want strangers in my space even less, so it might really be better to move soon and just not deal with all the crap of current landlords trying to sell the house.

And if I can find a place with lower rent than I'm currently paying, then that's even better!

~ Vacuumed the stair carpets and swept the downstairs floor. Did laundry. Clipped coupons (which I can apparently sell batches of on EBay; isn't that weird?). General adult stuff. Why can't the adult stuff do itself, anyway?

~ Speaking of adulting, I'm reasonably certain that at least some of the water in the basement is coming from outside. I thought at first it was a leaking water tank, but this past week we had some torrential rain, and now the basement's flooded with water again, and it has more dirt in it than just sitting in the basement for 1 week max would account for. So even if some of it is a leaky hot water tank, most likely a bunch of it is still coming in from a leak in the foundation.

Which not much can be done about unless the landlord's willing to put in some major repair work. Which he may have to do if he wants any chance of selling the house for even a halfway decent price in this area's housing market. Which will result in yet more inconvenience and disruption to my schedule, terror to the cats, possibly an unsafe place to live, I don't know.

So yes, after finding that out for near certainty, I really really hope someone replies positively to my inquiries about renting a different house, and that I can arrange to move in within a few months. Then the landlord can do whatever he wants to this place.

~ We out in the morning and did a fairly major grocery shop, since supplies were getting low. My favourite chore, hurray, which was actually a pretty welcome break after doing all those other things last night. I think I ended up saving about as much as I spent, since I only bought one thing that wasn't on sale!


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