Oct. 19th, 2015

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~ I have new sneakers! They're not ideal, because I've never actually worn an ideal pair of shoes, but they're as close as I can get, and the price wasn't too high.

A combination of needing around a men's size 8.5 double-wide (or possibly an 8 triple-wide, if such a thing exists) plus having a badly ingrown nail on each foot makes finding anything to wear on my feet just short of a hellish experience. I can never find anything wide enough without it being too long, and it being too long usually means the shoe bends right over the ingrown nails on my big toes. If I find something that fits lengthwise, it's so tight that my feet start to go numb after five minutes. And neither option is conducive to actually having my toes heal properly; they've been ingrown and with on-again-off-again infections for over a decade now.

I could, in theory, get a pair of shoes custom-made for my exact foot size (one of which is slightly bigger than the other anyway), but that will cost me far more than I can afford. And only being able to afford shoes that don't fit me has, over time, made the problem worse.

But these new sneakers are decent, and I can break them in over time, and hopefully I'll be able to afford something better later on. They're a stopgap solution, which, to be honest, is what I need right now more than I need something that fits my feet well. Having shoes that aren't falling apart can help me get a better job. Which can help me make some more money. Which can, in turn, eventually let me get the shoes I need.

One step at a time. Literally.

~ For supper, I made oven-roasted root vegetables. I didn't have the greatest variety of vegetables (just sweet potato, regular potato, and carrots), but I added some chopped garlic and onion and greased the roasting pan with some saved bacon grease, which added a next extra flavour. Cheap and filling and very warm, which is just what I want when it's below 0 and rainy outside!

~ Something has gone weird with the furnace where it turned itself on randomly today and refused to turn off. I thought at first it was because it was just so cold outside that it overrode the off setting, but then when it warmed up nicely and refused to turn off... I turned it off by the emergency power switch, and the landlord is coming over on Wednesday to clean the filters, so I'll let him know then. Hopefully it's a simple fix with the thermostat or something, because I really don't want to deal with having more people coming in and out of the house, especially when I sleep during the day and most repair people don't exactly make night calls unless it's a weird emergency or something.


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