Oct. 6th, 2015

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~ My FitBit has shipped! It should be here by the end of this week or early next week, and I really hope it's one that works and doesn't have the same weird size issue that the other one did. I really want to use it and see if it can help motivate me to do more exercise and increase my fitness.

~ Salmon and mashed potatoes were my supper today. I poured some soy sauce mixed with ponzu over the salmon for extra flavour, and mixed in garlic powder with the mashed potatoes because I don't have any fresh garlic at the moment. Determination: needed more garlic powder, and the ponzu/soy liquid smokes like crazy in the oven! But the food was still tasty, and I have some leftover pieces of salmon that I plan to eat tonight over rice.

~ Didn't go to embroidery class tonight, because I stayed up far too late playing Draw Something and thus got less than 5 hours of sleep before I'd need to get up for class. Fortunately by this point it's less of a class and more of a group of people who just sit and chat together while stitching their individually-chosen projects, so I didn't miss much beyond the community aspect of it.


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