Oct. 5th, 2015

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~ Update on the FitBit situation: it turns out that not only calling them out on Twitter but also sending an email expressing my serious dissatisfaction gets their attention. It took less than a day for them to reply, apologize, process my replacement, and tell me that as soon as it ships I'll get another confirmation email with a tracking number. There, now was that something that really should have taken 2 weeks to accomplish?

~ It's cold enough that I'm using space heaters now. No sense in turning the furnace on when doing so would not only heat the whole house including rooms that neither I nor any cats are in, but would also cost money because oil's not exactly cheap. So until I can justify that, space heater it is! Along with long-sleeves warm sweaters and pajama tops, fluffy socks, and scarves. And spending a lot of time under blankets while reading or playing video games.

There are worse ways to spend a night.

~ I made a shepherd's pie last night (well, technically a cottage pie, since I didn't make it with lamb), and it's been ages since I last made one, but I think it turned out decently. Normally I like my shepherd's pies loaded down with meat, essentially just a big pie of seasoned meat and potatoes, but I'm making an effort to eat more healthy food, so this time I added a peas and corn and chopped carrots. With shredded cheese sprinkled on top of the mashed potatoes. Pretty tasty!

~ For some reason, listening to Mylo's Drop the Pressure makes me think of eating candy in England. I think I must have heard it on the radio on my last visit or something, and had utterly forgotten about it until it randomly popped up on a radio station I listened to last night.

Now I just want British candies...

~ Caught up on some housework that I've been ignoring for a few days. Hauled a giant bag of dry cat food up from the basement to fill the cat food bin, did laundry, washed dishes that have been piling up.


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