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~ Slept until midnight, because whaaaaat? I went to bed shortly after noon, and it took a little while for me to fall asleep, but I really didn't expect to sleep in until midnight! I just hope that doesn't screw me for trying to get to sleep at a decent time today.

~ Finished up with Ferrett Steinmetz's The Flux and started on Kameron Hurley's Empire Ascendant. It pulls no punches early on and expects you to know exactly where the last book left off, and considering The Mirror Empire was complex and had a large cast of characters, it's a little disorienting and I'm trying to pick things up as I go rather than letting myself feel overwhelmed. I don't want to put this one down and reread the first one, even though I'd enjoy that, because I'm behind on my reading goals for the year already and rereading something would take up time I'd rather use to read something new.

But even though I feel a little lost in regard to some aspects of the plot, I'm getting back to grips with it all, and the writing and story is more than good enough to keep me wanting more anyway. I'm not losing anything by feeling lost.

~ Watched the first 4 episodes of Chihayafuru, which is pretty good and more interesting than I initially expected it to be. I'm enjoying it so far, anyway.

~ Apparently there's a 3rd Ring movie coming out soon. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this. I enjoyed most of the Japanese movies in the series. I remember The Ring was what got me into J-horror in the first place. The Ring 2 was so forgettable that I actually couldn't remember if I'd seen it or not. And now this third one, which may or may not be worth seeing but I'm probably going to see it anyway. I just hope it's decent.

And I should probably rewatch the first 2 movies, just so I can refresh my memory a little.

~ Walked 10,000 steps today, which surprised me, because it's been a long time since I walked that much. I'm proud of myself, though! My feet hurt, though.


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