Dec. 17th, 2015

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~ I finished another embroidered bookmark, and once again listed it for sale on my Etsy store. This one was more complicated than the last rainbow pattern I did, but the complexities make it look even better. At least, I think so. But I'm a bit biased.

~ I managed to hurt my back even more by doing more water siphoning in the basement, because of all the bending over I had to do. Sigh. I'm taking it easy tonight, no matter what, so that I don't end up in horrible I-can't-move agony later.

I did, however, find more embroidery floss that was packed away in a tote bin down there, along with some notebooks, some canisters of tea, some aloe vera gel...

I've lived here for almost a year and I haven't really finished unpacking/going through everything I packed to see if it even needs unpacking. Every dig through a tote bin is like an adventure!

~ Wrote a blog post that I originally was going to set to go live next week, but I changed it at the last minute and just let it go live today. It doesn't matter much since it's a blog I don't update that often now, but it still counts as doing something, and I do miss blogging more often. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision to cut back as much as I did.

But with other projects on the way, plus burnout, it probably was best. Only now I find myself wondering when would be the best time to start it up again. Not for months, I'll bet. Probably not until summer 2016, and that's if a few other things take off properly in the meantime.

I guess I'll just have to do my best and see where it all goes. And then hopefully I can stop being so very vague about everything, too.

Anyway, I was inspired enough after writing that post that I decided it was a great time to write up a second post and schedule it for tomorrow!

~ Saw my friend to the bus this morning, so they could head off the the funeral. Not the best situation to send off a friend, but it was better than them going alone, even if I was only there to wish them a safe trip and wave a little.


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