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~ DNR's Rock Princess has been going through my head for the better part of two days now. Not that it's a bad song (it's actually an awesome song!), but I hadn't listened to it in months, so it was an odd earworm to have all of a sudden.

They're a very under-appreciated glam rock band, and I'm a big fan of the visual kei look.

~ I played through the first 5 levels of Plants vs. Zombies. I'd planned to spend last night playing the PC release of Final Fantasy V, but it didn't actually come out until around noon my time, when I was sleeping, so I'll just spend tonight playing it instead!

~ I'm a little bit in love with Country Harvest apple bread. It's so delicious!

~ More and more I wish there was an East Asian grocery store near me. There were a few little markets in the city I used to live in, but they'd usually only last a few years before closing down due to lack of business. And visiting my father in Winnipeg last year was wonderful because he allowed me a $100 shopping spree at the East Asian grocery store there, and bringing back all those wonderful food was great! But there's nothing where I live. A local grocery store has a few items they bring in from T&T, but that's it. There's one in a city about an hour's drive from here, but since I don't have a car, getting there would involve an $18 bus fare and hanging out in another city all day because there's only 1 morning and 1 afternoon bus that goes between there and here, and that would mess up my entire sleep schedule. And could only be done on weekdays. I'd be willing to do it at some point, but it would still be far easier if one opened up here. Even a small one would be fine. I really miss being able to get Japanese snack food and vegetables that I can't easily find elsewhere, and a load of meal ideas would often come from trips to those small markets.

I really miss the yukimi daifuku I managed to find one year!

~ I found some wonderful snacks today while I was grocery shopping. WalMart had packages of mini orange chocolate KitKats for $2, so of course I had to buy one of those. And the Bulk Barn had delicious chocolate peanut butter caramel popcorn on sale, and some strawberry daiquiri jelly beans, so even though the popcorn was a bit expensive, I got some of each because I had a $5 gift card plus a coupon for $3 off any purchase of $10 or more. Having coupons makes it a lot easier to justify snack puchases.

Another store had 1 lb cases of strawberries for less than $3, so I bought one to make strawberry syrup. That store also had certain full-size chocolate bars for $0.50, so I got a few of those, too. I may have loaded up on chocolate, but all those treats will keep me very snack-happy for a while!


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