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~ I skipped a day of posting! I try not to do that, but normally I like my posts to go up at the end of the day according to the clock, and then I slept until almost 2:30 in the morning, so I figured it would bother my picky brain less to skip a day than it would to backdate it to say, "Yeah, I just did more housework," or to post it late. Blame my brain.

~ I don't know if it was all the work I was doing around the house, but I now have a huge pain in my right knee, and an even bigger pain just below my left hip, leading partway down my thigh.

~ I watched 2 Jurassic Park movies earlier today. The 2nd and the 3rd, because I already knew the 1st was good and I didn't want to watch a good movie. I wanted to watch some bad ones. The 3rd was still far worse than the 2nd, but neither of them were going to win prizes. Unless it was a prize for having a lousy gender balance. At least in the 2nd movie there are 2 women and one of them's a scientist. The 3rd movie had 1 woman who added nothing to the plot except for screaming and a few comments to her ex-husband about how she's glad they got to spend time together again... You know, the time that they're searching for their son, who's been missing and alone for 8 weeks on a dinosaur-infested island and everyone's in danger. Yeah. Real quality bonding time.

~ My lungs are slowly going to hell with my lack of medication. I woke up twice today to take Ventolin. I really hope my health card gets here soon, so I can get a doctor's appointment and get a prescription for Flovent again. If I have Flovent, I usually only need Ventolin once a day, and that's as a precautionary thing rather than because my lungs are actually seizing up. And without that health card, I'll have to pay another $50 to go to a clinic, at least, just to get the prescription that will cost me more money.

I do have a backup plan, at least. If I run out of Ventolin before I get my health card, I'll just go to the hospital. They're more expensive, but they don't charge up front. They'll just send me a bill. Which I'll submit to provincial health and get them to reimburse because I'm eligible for coverage, but just don't have a card to prove that yet. I'd really rather not do that if I have another option, but in a pinch, it's on the table as a possibility.

I'll be extremely happy if my card gets here tomorrow, though, and I can make a quick clinic appointment on Wednesday and get this all taken care of then. Fingers crossed!
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~ I caught up on episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, watched the newest Equestria Girls movie (which was awesome, by the way!), and once I was done with those, I started watching season 4 of Once Upon a Time, which has recently appeared on Netflix. So, last night wasn't exactly a productive night, if you count productivity as making things or fixing things or what have you, but I did catch up on more of my TV-watching, and it was nice to just take a night and relax with happy things like that.

~ I woke up early to meet with a friend so we could go see Hotel Transylvania 2. It was a slow walk, because my lungs are extra twitchy these days now that the weather's turning colder and I don't have my proper asthma medication (I'm waiting for my provincial health card to arrive before I make a clinic appointment to get refills, because otherwise an appointment is likely to cost me at least $50 on top of what the medication will cost, and that's money I just don't have right now), but at least I'm still able to walk, and even if it's slow I like getting out and getting fresh air because soon it'll get too cold and snowy for the outside world to hold any appeal at all!

It was a pretty good movie, too. Not as good as the first movie, I think, but I still enjoyed it.

We also stopped at Pita Pit for supper, and I tried their chicken caesar pita. Very tasty! I want to try their gyro pita next time, or possibly the falafel one!

~ I found a drug trial for asthma that I submitted my info for. They're not currently accepting new patients for the study, but they've got my info in case anything opens up, which excites me a bit because I might get to be part of something that could, at the very least, provide some research data, and in a best case scenario might contribute to making things easier for me and other people with asthma.

~ I did enough surveys through MintVine this past week that once my points clear, I should be able to get $10 into my PayPal account, which will be a nice little boost, especially considering that it took me less than a week to get that many surveys done. It's not much, but even a little bit of extra money here and there makes me happy and gives me a little more freedom to buy silly things that I can't justify from the rest of my income.

~ My mother surprised me with a subscription to Humble Monthly, so now I'll have plenty of new video games to play around with on a regular basis! If anyone wants to add me on Steam, I'll be giving away codes to any duplicate games I get, and friends get first priority.

The first batch of games doesn't release until November, but I'm already excited to see which ones are there!

~ Took a trip to the Dollarama and I found a package of chocolate cookies with tiramisu filling for $1.50. When I paid for them, the cashier said she tried them and they were so good, so now I can't wait to try them!
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~ Slept until midnight, because whaaaaat? I went to bed shortly after noon, and it took a little while for me to fall asleep, but I really didn't expect to sleep in until midnight! I just hope that doesn't screw me for trying to get to sleep at a decent time today.

~ Finished up with Ferrett Steinmetz's The Flux and started on Kameron Hurley's Empire Ascendant. It pulls no punches early on and expects you to know exactly where the last book left off, and considering The Mirror Empire was complex and had a large cast of characters, it's a little disorienting and I'm trying to pick things up as I go rather than letting myself feel overwhelmed. I don't want to put this one down and reread the first one, even though I'd enjoy that, because I'm behind on my reading goals for the year already and rereading something would take up time I'd rather use to read something new.

But even though I feel a little lost in regard to some aspects of the plot, I'm getting back to grips with it all, and the writing and story is more than good enough to keep me wanting more anyway. I'm not losing anything by feeling lost.

~ Watched the first 4 episodes of Chihayafuru, which is pretty good and more interesting than I initially expected it to be. I'm enjoying it so far, anyway.

~ Apparently there's a 3rd Ring movie coming out soon. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this. I enjoyed most of the Japanese movies in the series. I remember The Ring was what got me into J-horror in the first place. The Ring 2 was so forgettable that I actually couldn't remember if I'd seen it or not. And now this third one, which may or may not be worth seeing but I'm probably going to see it anyway. I just hope it's decent.

And I should probably rewatch the first 2 movies, just so I can refresh my memory a little.

~ Walked 10,000 steps today, which surprised me, because it's been a long time since I walked that much. I'm proud of myself, though! My feet hurt, though.


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