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~ I made a turkey chili last night. I didn't have as many of the usual vegetables that I typically put in a chili, so it's mostly beans and tomatoes and meat, but it's still tasty, and after a weekend of not eating anything that resembles healthy food, I think my body was craving something with even a small amount of vegetables.

It wasn't as good as the usual chili I make, but it was pretty good anyway, especially with garlic naan.

~ I played Final Fantasy VII to distract myself. Got Vincent in my party, and started heading through Mount Nibel. For some reason I've always loved level-grinding in this area. I'm not sure why. Maybe because this is the area you see in the story Cloud tells in Kalm, when you see Sephiroth be awesome and have level 3 spells, so it feels like the kind of area that can make you strong. Either way, I've never minded spending a while getting lost on the twisty paths, because the battles are good and I get quite a bit of experience.

~ Caught both Celebi and Lugia in Pokemon Shuffle. Now I have almost 2 weeks to work on catching Ho-Oh before that event disappears. Fingers crossed that I can get strong enough, because so far it's a tough battle and I haven't managed to defeat it once, let alone catch it.

~ Fully caught up on Once Upon A Time now, right up to this week's episode. I have my theories about what's going on, but I can't tell if that's because I'm so used to the way the show pulls twists and turns all over the place and I'm getting used to thinking how the writers think, or if I'm just falling for the hints of misdirection. Or if I'm just hoping something will happen even though it never will. I guess I'll have to wait and see, really. At least now that I'm caught up, even when I don't have TV anymore I can watch the most recent episode on the CTV website, so I can stay caught up instead of waiting for this season to appear on Netflix.
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~ Even though I felt tired and crappy and not up to lifting anything heavier than a mug of tea, I still did laundry, because clean towels are just plain nice. Washed dishes, too, because clean plates and mugs are just as nice.

~ Got through Cosmo Canyon and beat Gi Nattak in Final Fantasy VII. I'm a little bit disappointed that I didn't manage to beat any previous records I held in this game. I once bragged to a friend that by this point during a previous playthrough, I'd gotten Cloud's first Level 3 Limit Break. This time I only had his second Level 2. I mean, that's still not bad, not be any stretch of the imagination, but I had still hoped I'd at least match my previous bragging point.

~ Loaded more books onto my e-reader, even though I felt a little bad about it because I have so many on there already.

I haven't been doing as much reading as normal, lately. I'm hoping that'll change once I get a good bedside lamp, because the overhead lights here are awful for reading at night. That's mostly what's been stopping me.

~ Once again, I slept for too long. 10 hours. Not sure why sleep wants to be my best friend lately, but I'm going to keep assuming it's because I need the rest, and I'll try not to be too irritated that hours of my day slip away while I'm still sleeping.

~ A friend bought me a surprise copy of LEGO: Worlds! I can't wait to play it and see what it's like!
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~ Broke out the new ShopVac to take care of the flooding basement problem. It's not one with a huge tank, so it only took a few minutes of sucking up water for it to need emptying, but after 4 loads, progress was being made. Not great progress. But enough that I felt justified in stopping for the day. I'll do more tomorrow, and every day, until the basement no longer has entire sections that are flooded up to my ankles.

~ I'm about halfway done reading Ferrett Steinmetz's upcoming The Flux, sequel to Flex. Enjoying it, too, but that doesn't surprise me, since I liked the first novel in the series. I like the idea that magic is based on obsession, an interest strong enough to twist reality to the user's needs or desires.

~ Replaying Final Fantasy VII these days. Just finished escaping Corel Prison and the whole Chocobo race bit, which I was horrible at because I'm playing the PC version with an XBox 360 controller, and it looks like the old PSX controller cheat to recover a Chocobo's stamina doesn't work this time around. It took me 3 tries to win the race, when in the past I nearly always win the first time around.

~ I love that the weather's turning cooler. The mornings are really fresh, and I don't mind going out to do morning chores before I sleep. It's cool enough that sleeping under heavier blankets feels really nice, but not so cold yet that I need multiple blankets, or that I can't open the windows to let some fresh air in. Cooler weather has always helped me sleep better. That's one of the things I love about autumn.

~ Possibly as a result of this, I slept for 10 hours. And woke up with my back sore and my limbs floppy, like I'd just taken NyQuil. Can't complain, though, because I must have needed the sleep, even if I don't like being sore and uncoordinated.


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