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~ I finished another embroidered bookmark, and once again listed it for sale on my Etsy store. This one was more complicated than the last rainbow pattern I did, but the complexities make it look even better. At least, I think so. But I'm a bit biased.

~ I managed to hurt my back even more by doing more water siphoning in the basement, because of all the bending over I had to do. Sigh. I'm taking it easy tonight, no matter what, so that I don't end up in horrible I-can't-move agony later.

I did, however, find more embroidery floss that was packed away in a tote bin down there, along with some notebooks, some canisters of tea, some aloe vera gel...

I've lived here for almost a year and I haven't really finished unpacking/going through everything I packed to see if it even needs unpacking. Every dig through a tote bin is like an adventure!

~ Wrote a blog post that I originally was going to set to go live next week, but I changed it at the last minute and just let it go live today. It doesn't matter much since it's a blog I don't update that often now, but it still counts as doing something, and I do miss blogging more often. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision to cut back as much as I did.

But with other projects on the way, plus burnout, it probably was best. Only now I find myself wondering when would be the best time to start it up again. Not for months, I'll bet. Probably not until summer 2016, and that's if a few other things take off properly in the meantime.

I guess I'll just have to do my best and see where it all goes. And then hopefully I can stop being so very vague about everything, too.

Anyway, I was inspired enough after writing that post that I decided it was a great time to write up a second post and schedule it for tomorrow!

~ Saw my friend to the bus this morning, so they could head off the the funeral. Not the best situation to send off a friend, but it was better than them going alone, even if I was only there to wish them a safe trip and wave a little.
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~ Got the tree all set up and decorated, which was fun, so now my house smells like evergreens, which is always nice. Handmade wreaths at the farmer's market were almost as expensive as the tree itself, so I'm passing on a wreath this year. Still, I'm pretty happy with what I have, and that's the main thing.

~ I spent most of the weekend working on embroidery, and while I probably should have spent a little more time reading, it was kind of nice to just watch TV and play with needles and thread. I finished my rewatch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and made more progress in my rewatch of Supernatural, finished another bookmark and listed it on my Etsy store, and finished almost half of a different patterned one, so I'm considering it all a win, even if most people wouldn't consider all that to be very productive.

~ A little luck was nicely on my side this week, and I won $23 off a $7 lottery ticket! So for fun I spent some of those winnings on a couple of scratch-card games, and won another $25 from those!

I probably used up all my luck for the coming year on that, but hey, it was still pretty cool.
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~ I played some more Torchlight last night, since relieving stress by killing virtual monsters is quite effective with me. I ran through a couple of side-dungeons, upgraded a piece of armour and both weapons, and gained a level, so not bad for just a little bit of casual play. I've definitely had less productive sessions.

~ I spent most of the night watching videos on YouTube while working on embroidery projects. That sort of productive. I think.

I feel like I got some inspiration for some projects out of watching all those videos, at least, so I suppose that's something. Inspiration can be a productive thing too, yes?

~ I went out today to pick a tree for the holidays. I don't celebrate Christmas (being pagan, I'm more of a Yule person than a Christmas person), but I love the smell of evergreens, and there's something that remains really festive about having a tree, even if I don't associate it with Christmas traditions so much as pagan ones.

And more specifically, my traditions. Which I guess is the most important thing.

~ I deleted a whole bunch of old Wordpress blogs that I've been sitting on for some time. If I haven't used them in months, and there wasn't much content there to begin with, I don't need to squat on the name anymore. Goodbye, old useless random blogs for projects that never really got off the ground.
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~ Snooooooow~! The city got about 10 cm of snow overnight, which is a little weird for this early in December, but eh, it's Canada, so you take it as it comes.

The problem is that it was wet heavy snow, and the weight of it caused broken tree branches and knocked-out power lines all over the city. I was without lights for about an hour. Fortunately I anticipated that and charged my 3DS, so I just lay in bed and played video games until the lights and heat came back.

Of course, then I had the joy of clearing heavy wet snow off the front steps, and the whole back porch. The driveway can stay covered for now, though. I don't have a car, nobody comes to visit, and it's just not worth busting my back over at this very moment.

~ Finished reading Sylvia Sprunk Wrigley's Domnall and the Borrowed Child. I thought it was a novel, but at under 100 pages, it's actually a novella. Interesting look at fairy lore, and it was a nice diversion.

I've moved on now to Daniel Polansky's The Builders. I've heard some good things about this book, and I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy it. (I wouldn't be reading it if I didn't think it was at least possibly enjoyable!)

~ My Internet connection did cooperate long enough for me to get my latest bookmark listed on my Etsy store.

~ Had stomach problems before I tried to sleep, which, combined with more exertion than I'm used to lately (shoveling so much wet snow off the back porch), had me reduced to shaking uncontrollably and being unable to get warm. The shaking didn't actually stop until I'd fallen asleep (at least, that's when my awareness of it stopped), and it took 3 heavy blankets to even start to warm me up despite not actually feeling that cold. Probably lousy hydration and low blood sugars to boot, but knowing the probably cause of it doesn't make it any less terrible to go through.
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~ I finished another double-sided embroidered bookmark, which didn't turn out quite the way I'd envisioned, but I still like it. Playing with grey-on-grey embroidery can still end up looking good, sometimes.

(I want to list it for sale in my Etsy store, but currently the Internet is being really slow again, so that may not happen for a while. Sigh.)

I then ended up with a bunch of other designs that I want to try out, so I think it's time to settle back with some scrap fabric and see how well I can transfer what's in my head to something solid in the real world. With luck, it might even be something that doesn't look like butt!

~ I made yakimeshi again last night, only instead of using beef like I did last time, I used chicken, about twice the amount of fresh garlic that the original recipe called for, and some chopped green onions. Very tasty! But honestly, if you give me food that involves garlic, some sort of meat, and ponzu for flavour, I'm probably always going to say it's tasty.

~ Woke up to snow! Lots of snow! Not as much as if it was February 2015, mind you, but enough snow to be notable. It seems like a very good night to stay inside, drink lots of tea, and alternate between doing something artistic and reading a lot.

Shame I can't do those things simultaneously.
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~ I ranked high enough on the last challenge battle in Pokemon Shuffle to get a Manectite! I'm really glad I'm getting to the point where I'm strong enough to stand a decent chance when these challenges come up.

~ I started embroidering a Christmas present for my grandmother. It's a simple thing, really, and it shouldn't take me longer than a few days to get it all ready and mailed off. Money being tight at the moment, I thought she might understand and appreciate something I made myself, and something that she might be able to use.

I'll try and remember to post pictures once I'm done.

~ It finished raining and instead there was snow on the ground in the morning. Just a little, barely an inch, but it looked beautiful. Apparently last winter didn't make me as snow-phobic as I first thought!

~ While I was asleep I left a slow cooker chicken and bean stew to heat. I haven't had any yet, but it sure smells good!

~ I finished my rewatch of Victorian Farm and have moved on to Edwardian Farm. I do love these historical recreation shows. Especially the ones that are done by experts and not just random people in an attempt to create a unique reality show (and all the associated annoyance and drama or reality shows).
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~ I finished Courtney Schafer's The Labyrinth of Flame, and oh holy crap, I have the world's biggest book hangover right now. That series floored me, and reading the last book has left me feeling like I'm adrift and I don't know what to do with my life anymore. The last lingering bits won't clear my bloodstream, and I don't think I want them to.

Also, I think I totally want a relationship like Dev and Kiran and Cara have. So much that it hurts.

But now I have that huge book hangover, so I don't know what to read next...

~ I screwed something up on the bookmark I was working on, and not in a way that I can actually fix, since it has to do with the length of the material. So my options now are to unpick every single stitch so that I can save the embroidery floss and reuse it later, or just give up and throw the whole thing out.

...I guess I do have plenty of free time, and embroidery floss may be cheap but it isn't free. Guess that settles the decision for me.
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~ Did 3 loads of laundry last night, all of them blankets. Because not much feels nicer than fresh clean blankets when the weather's turning chillier every day.

~ I caught Tornadus in Pokemon Shuffle!

~ Played more Final Fantasy X. I made it through Kilika temple, but apparently my brain was too fuzzy to remember how to use the Destruction Sphere properly, so I had to skip that hidden treasure. Oh well, I wasn't aiming for a perfect game this playthrough anyway, so it doesn't bother me that much, but I'm still a little bit disappointed in myself for forgetting the right way of completing that temple puzzle.

I would have played longer, but I know the whole blitzball tournament in Luca is coming up, and I really hate that game so much, and I didn't feel like tackling it tonight. That'll be a headache for tonight instead, I'm sure.

~ And because I'm still in part of the game that contains loads of cut scenes and FMVs, I have time to do a little more embroidery while still playing the game. Double productivity for the win!

~ I didn't get any writing done last night! Not one word! But I'm not that worried, since on a normal day I can usually write 2000-3000 words without much difficulty, so long as I get into the scene I'm writing, so it shouldn't be much trouble to bring myself back to goal.

~ I'm having ridiculous problems with my Internet connection again. My desktop, which is what I use for most things, is far enough away from the router that it needs a signal boosting adapter to pick up a signal. Only as time goes on, that signal gets less and less reliable. Sometimes it drops entirely, but most of the time I suspect I'm getting close to dial-up speeds, which makes doing just about anything online extremely difficult.

I can't move the desktop, because there's nowhere else that it will really fit that's closer to the router.

I do have a laptop, which is okay in a pinch, but it's not the greatest and was bluescreening a lot before I got the desktop in the first place. And I'm not someone who uses a laptop as a laptop, exactly. I prefer putting it on a stable surface and essentially using it like a very lightweight desktop computer. But again, where it's close enough to the router to pick up a signal, there's no suitable surface, so I'm stuck using it intermittently and uncomfortably for important things before giving up and just resigning myself to another night with sporadic slow Internet connections.

So I'm really not enjoying that part of life. I'm not sure why the problem's gotten so much worse lately. It could be that the adapter is low quality and is just slowly crapping out, which is pathetic given that I only bought it a few months ago. It could be the router itself putting out worse signal strength, which I can only tell at a distance. It could be the fact that it's getting colder and I don't know, maybe wifi and cold don't mix.

But until I figure it out, I'm a mostly offline person. Post journal updates, send a few emails, update a couple of other things, but mostly exist in a disconnected state.

I suppose that's not too bad, since it does give me plenty of excuse to not be at everyone's beck and call so much, and to take more time for myself. "Sorry, can't hang around online and chat all night, my Internet connection is lousy!"
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~ Emotional self-care seems to be off to a good start. I started replying Final Fantasy X, because it's one of my favourite games and it's a comfortable and fun game to play when I'm feeling low, so it seemed like a good choice.

I didn't get too far, in between doing a couple of other things last night, but I got off Besaid, so at least I'm through the opening tutorial phase and into the story proper.

~ Despite spending a chunk of the night playing video games, I still managed to stay on track with my wordcount goals, which I'm happy about. I got some great advice from [personal profile] lassarina on writing scenes instead of a cohesive story at first, then tying things together later, and looking at it all that way helped a surprising amount to get me over what seemed like a cycle of "expository dialogue, travel, expository dialogue, travel." That's stuff's about as fun to write as it is to read...

~ I discovered the #makingwinter hashtag on Twitter, and now that just has me wanting to work on all manner of crafty projects. Big warm ones, like scarves and blankets, rather than the usual bookmarks or other embroidered things I've been doing lately. Mostly I've been working on more kogin-inspired bookmarks (all currently finished ones are listed in my Etsy store, if anyone wants to take a look at them), but seeing the tasty food and warm things that everyone's been showing off on that hashtag makes me think now might be a good time to look into a couple of other projects that might be cozier, to keep some of the winter blahs away.
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~ I played the demo version of Yo-Kai Watch. It seems like an okay 'mon game. Kind of cheesy, and like any 'mon game you can't help but compare it to Pokemon, but it seems decent. Fairly engaging battles, if also very simple, but you have to keep an eye on a lot of different aspects so there's that challenge to it. I'd probably consider buying a full copy if it weren't so expensive.

(Because I don't currently have enough games on my backlog that need playing, I guess.)

~ To combat both insomnia and my annoying cold, I took NyQuil before bed. And slept for 10 hours. And feel much better. I think I can safely say that was a "two birds with one stone" situation.

The fact that it was raining probably helped me sleep better, too, since I like the sound of the rain on the windows and roof as I'm drifting off to sleep.

~ The eye on my embroidery needle broke, and I can't find any other needles right now, so embroidery has been put on hold for a little bit. I'll be going out in the morning to buy more, though, so I won't have to wait long. Which is nice, because I was making decent progress on my project and I want to keep working on it.


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