Dec. 18th, 2015

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~ A huge package arrived in the mail, not stuff for me to review but instead one of those scanning devices that's connected to a "scan everything you buy and send us the info" thingies. Which takes very little time out of my day, and apparently will get me $15 a month plus chances to win gift cards, so I figure if I have the time, why not go for it. Hence the package arriving. Now I have to set it up and start scanning barcodes.

Which will probably take all of, what, 2 minutes a day. Maximum. If I've bought anything that day.

Total that up and it means about an hour a month of doing stuff I wouldn't normally do. $15 an hour is good money!

~ Went out in the morning to finish up some last bits of holiday shopping and to pick up some groceries. Stuffed pork chops were on sale again, so I definitely had to get them! A package of 2 pork chops stuffed with brown sugar and apples is normally $8, but they often go on sale for half price, as they did today, so yeah, I wasn't passing up that delicious deal!

~ Having to soak gauze off a wound because pulling it off would be very bad is just not a fun experience. Even less so when infections are involved. I could really do without this right now.

For the curious, I have 2 badly infected toenails. And they've been this way for years. A podiatrist treated them at one point by cutting off parts of the nail, but they grew back badly again, and the infection never really went away, and honestly, I'm so used to dealing with it that I don't even think about going to another doctor about it most of the time.

Though I probably should. If it takes removing half the nail on each big toe to make sure it can't go ingrown again, that would hurt like crap but admittedly be better than the alternative. Antibiotics would be great, too. (I kind of like being prescribed antibiotics for other infections, because my toes improve while I'm taking the pills.)

~ Spent a while talking on the phone to my dad tonight, which was nice. He woke me up, but it was still nice to talk to him.


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