Dec. 16th, 2015

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~ I replied to half a dozen emails that had been piling up. Nearly all of them were regarding products for review, and some of them will likely come to nothing because the companies are all Stateside and their Amazon pages say they don't ship to Canada, but when that happens I always at least ask if there's a Canadian shipping option. Most don't even bother to reply to that, but eh, can't hurt to ask, especially when it might result in some new products to try out and write reviews for.

~ After all the snow that had fallen, I had to clear off the back deck, the front steps, and the driveway at least wide enough that I could haul the compost bin and 6 big bags of recycling to the curb. Because of course it would all fall the day and night before garbage/recycling pickup, so I couldn't delay on clearing any of it.

It was wet, heavy, and very icy, too, so I think my back's going to hurt for a week after this. Ugh.

~ I caught Regigigas in Pokemon Shuffle! That didn't take nearly as long as I expected!


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