Nov. 19th, 2015

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~ I finished Courtney Schafer's The Labyrinth of Flame, and oh holy crap, I have the world's biggest book hangover right now. That series floored me, and reading the last book has left me feeling like I'm adrift and I don't know what to do with my life anymore. The last lingering bits won't clear my bloodstream, and I don't think I want them to.

Also, I think I totally want a relationship like Dev and Kiran and Cara have. So much that it hurts.

But now I have that huge book hangover, so I don't know what to read next...

~ I screwed something up on the bookmark I was working on, and not in a way that I can actually fix, since it has to do with the length of the material. So my options now are to unpick every single stitch so that I can save the embroidery floss and reuse it later, or just give up and throw the whole thing out.

...I guess I do have plenty of free time, and embroidery floss may be cheap but it isn't free. Guess that settles the decision for me.


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