Nov. 18th, 2015

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~ I spent most of last night either reading, or clicking around on freebie sites to see if there were any good samples that I could request. I used to love doing that, years ago. I got a lot of free samples then, usually of food or drink mixes, and it was nice to be able to try new things without any real investment on my part.

Now, though, I'm more likely to review the samples on Amazon than I am to just try it and never think of it again, which I've noticed lately has led to a whole load of offers for more free products. It's a never-ending cycle. I may not be formally reviewing books anymore, but it seems a lot of knock-off and tech companies want me to help boost their products by writing reviews.

And really, I'm not opposed to doing that, so long as the product's good and it's something I'll actually use. If a product is good, I like to be able to endorse it.

I don't want product reviews to take over my life, though. But there's less chance of that happening when the products aren't books. Books take a lot of time to read, and a good review usually consists of at least 5-7 paragraphs, so between writing and reading, book reviews can take up a lot of time. Small product reviews are comparatively simple. These wristbands that fit a FitBit Flex? Very comfortable, good variety of colours, work just like the official ones do only for half the price. Boom, review's done. (I flesh it out a little more than that, of course, but my point is it takes less time to test out a small product than it does to read a book.)

~ It snowed again last night. Normally I like the snow, and I get giddy and excited when the first real snowfall of the season happens, but all I can think now is how terrible the weather was last winter, with frequent blizzards and snowdrifts higher than my head and the daily work of clearing a path from the door to the road. It's not supposed to be as hard a winter this time, but I'm still a bit afraid of it.

~ I wrote over 3000 words yesterday. I think it's safe to say that I'm catching up to where I ought to be with NaNo!

~ My package from Amazon arrived today! I'm happy that all 12 bottles of ponzu arrived safely!

...If anyone's wondering why I ordered 12 bottles of ponzu at once, it's because I had a code for $10 off any order over $40, and the 12 together came to just under $40, which was actually the best deal. There were single bottles sold, but the code was only good for products sold and shipped directly by Amazon, and the 12-pack was the cheapest option they had. And none of the grocery stores around here stock ponzu anymore, so it was a choice between ordering a bunch from Amazon, or spending $18 on bus fare to another city, disrupting my sleep schedule, and having to stay there for an entire day in the hope that their Asian market had some instead. Ordering online was by far the better option!


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