Nov. 15th, 2015

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~ On the writing front, I didn't actually get any writing done this weekend. I got too distracted by reading and video games. I should still be able to catch up over the course of a few days, but I'm still a bit disappointed that I was doing so well for a time and then let my wordcount fall by the wayside.

~ In Final Fantasy X, I got through the Djose Temple puzzle dungeon (and got the Destruction Sphere treasure this time, unlike in Kilika), had my heart broken of the failed Operation Mi'ihen, and made it all the way across the Thunder Plains and to the other side of Macalania Woods. Not bad playing, for a weekend. Plenty of plot along the way, plenty of level-building, and I still want to do a bit more level-grinding before tackling the next area, I'm pretty confident that I could do okay even if I just forged ahead right now.

~ I made a slow-cooker beef stew while I was asleep today. Or rather, I threw a pot roast and some chopped potatoes and carrots into a slow cooker, along with some beef stock gel, and let it go while I slept. It came out somewhere between a complete pot roast and a beef stew. Either way, it made a whole meal in my sleep, so I'm very happy with it.


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