Oct. 13th, 2015

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~ Despite cruddy lungs, I got a lot more work done in the basement. Most of the water is gone. It's so gone that the ShopVac's not really picking much up anymore, and when it is it's being sucked in like fine mist, so it takes a while to fill the tank. Honestly, I think the best thing to do at this point is to go back down there with a strong bleach solution and mop up the rest, because some mold has grown and I want to kill it off, but evaporation can take care of the rest. And once the landlord has come by to check the furnace filters and I start using the oil heat again, I know the rest of the water will go within a day. The basement here used to be furnished and heated, but bad flooding one year forced the previous tenants to rip down a whole load of drywall and take the basement back to an unfinished state. Since then, one of the vents that used to heat a comfortable basement now just heats a basement that's not good for anything but storage.

Which sucks when you're the one paying for oil to heat your house, knowing that some of that heat is being blown into a room that you almost never go in and isn't used for anything but large tote bins, but at the same time, it does do wondered for keeping the basement dry, so I won't complain too loudly.

~ A friend treated me to breakfast at McDonald's today, which was nice, and very appreciated!

~ Mint-chocolate tea is one of the best teas ever, and I have to keep a stash of it in the tea cupboard. I don't drink as much of it as I do other teas, but since it's one that I prefer without milk, it's a great go-to drink when I want tea but forgot to buy milk again. Such as tonight.

~ I decided to give Torchlight a try last night, and so far I'm enjoying it a lot. It's very much like Diablo II, right down to music and sound effects and the way it's just a giant dungeon crawl, which suits me just fine because I enjoy games where there's not much purpose beyond getting more awesome loot. The graphics are more cartoon-like than Diablo II, though, so there's less of a dark serious feel to it right from the first moment, but it's still a fun game if you like dungeon crawls.

I think it'll scratch an itch of mine quite nicely!

~ Slept very little today. I got 3 hours of amazing good solid uninterrupted sleep... and then couldn't get back to sleep after being woken up by something. I got up and tried to watch some TV for a while, to see if I'd fall back to sleep, but it was a day where I'd planned to get up early (just not that early) so I could go to embroidery class anyway. So I went back to bed to nap, and when I woke up for class it was raining in that perfectly relaxing heavy way, which also meant that walking there and back would be slippery as hell with all the fallen leaves, and between that and being still tired, I skipped class again.

I don't feel too bad about doing so, since class was only $15, and it's really more of a meetup of people while they work on embroidery projects at this point, rather than anyone learning anything new.


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