Oct. 8th, 2015

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~ I love the markdown produce shelves at the Superstore. There wasn't much there today that wasn't too ripe for me to eat quickly enough, but I did manage to find 1.5 lb of guavas for $0.49, and I suspect at least half of them are still good. So long as I eat them quickly, I can have a tasty snack! I love guavas!

Jane's chicken products were also on for $3.99 a box, so I grabbed a box of burgers and their new chicken fries, for nights when I want to eat something tastier than a sandwich but don't actually feel like doing much cooking. I haven't had their chicken fries before, but Jane's stuff is always good, so I bet I'll like them.

More berries on sale, too, so I can make a jar of raspberry syrup to complete my little berry syrup collection in the fridge. And the leftover stewed berries are always good to eat over toast, or mix into a smoothie, so nothing goes to waste.

The only thing I couldn't pick up today was ponzu. I was surprised that the international foods aisle didn't have any. They had a dozen different varieties and brands of soy sauce, fish sauce, all kinds of stuff, but no ponzu. Very disappointing, because now I have none in.

~ I didn't like the nightmare that woke up up earlier today. I mean, really, who does like nightmares. But this one wasn't my usual nightmare-fuel topic, it had more to do with being haunted, and it creeped me out. Let's just say I'm going to be a little more averse to using phones than I normally am for a little while.

~ Again, and despite that nightmare, I slept way too much. I really need to stop doing that...


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