Oct. 2nd, 2015

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1. Cook something at least 3 times a week
2. Read 8 books
3. Write 6000 words of fiction
4. Draw 1 thing a week
5. Allow myself 1 night a week in which I can marathon some TV shows or play video games for hours

Trying to get back into doing a lot of the things that used to bring me a lot of happiness, and I'm starting off slow. I know I can have 6000 words written in 2 days without much effort, for instance (though I get burned out at that pace if I do it for more than a few weeks), and reading the 8 books I have on my reading list is more of a responsibility than a relaxing thing at the moment (though I don't doubt I'll still enjoy much of it), the other stuff needs to be worked in little by little until I get back into the swing of things and find myself again.

Here's to productivity and hobbies!
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~ I had a wonderfully relaxing no-pressure-to-do-anything night last night. I mostly played video games, messed around online, and listened to Japanese radio from the time I got up to the time I went to sleep.

~ I finished A J Jacobs's The Know-It-All. It was a reread for me, but I'm surprised at the things I picked up this time around that I didn't catch before. Greater exposure to gender politics, I guess. I kept noticing all the little jokes he would make about the difference between men and women, and when he and his wife went to get the first sonogram for their first expected child, he wanted to know whether the kid had a penis, making the joke that he wanted to know if his future kid would be a reader of Esquire or Cosmo. This didn't really stick out to me when I read it a few years ago, but reading it now, when I've become far more aware of stuff like this, the joke not only falls flat but it also grates a little raw. Just another person strengthening the divide, making a little joke that seeps into the minds of readers, along with dozens of others, until they see something actually wrong with someone reading Cosmo while in possession of a penis.

Other than the gender commentary, it was a pretty good book, though, and I did enjoy reading it. I moved right on to A Year of Living Biblically, which is another reread for me. I wonder if there'll be as many little jokes along the same vein that I've forgotten, or whether it will actually be more legit commentary on gender politics because of the subject matter. I wish I could remember more of when I read it for the first time.

~ I made a batch of iced lemon green tea, because I haven't had any in a while, and I've been both very thirsty lately and stuffed up, so more liquid is definitely the order of the day!

~ I decided to be bad and treat myself to breakfast at McDonald's. I don't eat fast food half as much as I used not -- probably even less than half at this point -- so a treat like this every once in a while is far less damaging than it was in years past, where I ate fast food more often because there were places close to where I worked and I was often too tired to make food when I got home. It was either a handful of granola bars or a burger combo, and the burger combos were always more appealing. But those days are past, and now I feel less guilty about fast food just because I eat it maybe 3-4 times a month, at most.


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