Sep. 26th, 2015

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~ Actually really disappointed in the PC port of Final Fantasy V. It claims to run at 60 fps but actually runs more at under 30, making everything feel really laggy. I can't see any text on the freaking menus, nor can I see character images in the main menu. It's not unplayable... provided you don't mind slow-moving battles and dialogue and have a couple of print-outs telling you where everything is on the menu. Which is a little bit of a deal breaker for me right now. I spent $15 on this; I ought to be able to play it without guessing at which menu option I'm pressing.

Apparently the iOS game this was ported from had similar issues, so it looks like Square Enix couldn't be arsed to actually fix anything before they decided to sell it for a new platform. So I'm really disappointed right now. There are so many great achievements on Steam, like maxing out all jobs on every character, and that's perfect for a level-grinder like myself, but I don't feel much appeal in spending that much time on a buggy game that had plenty of time and development money to not be so buggy.

~ Nissin coconut sable cookies are so delicious! I forgot that I had a package from my last Skoshbox, and once I remembered I couldn't just leave them in there. Now they're in their rightful place: my stomach!

~ I boiled up the last of the eggs, which were reaching the end of their usefulness, so now I have half a dozen hard boiled eggs to snack on. And the Farmer's Market is on Saturday, so I don't have to wait long before I can get more. (A local farm sells their free-run eggs there at 2 and a half dozen for only $7.50. They sell free-run chickens, too, but I don't buy them as often as I'd like because money's a bit tight at the moment and larger grocery stores will often have great deals on chicken meat anyway.)

~ And I just slept for 11 hours, so this entry is totally getting posted later than normal. Dislike!
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~ I spent most of the night watching TV. I finally finished every episode of Full House, and started rewatching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Because sometimes I just need some comfort watching.

Also, I can't believe I'm saying this, but there are totally characters in MLP that I ship.

~ Walking to the Farmer's Market and bought eggs and pastries, which is mostly what I go there for these days because as much as I love supporting local farmers and the prices there are good, sometimes the price of meat and vegetables is still lower at a grocery store. I'd like to be able to buy all my meat and produce there someday, though.

But there's a woman there who makes delicious baked goods. I nearly always get a cinnamon roll from her, but today I decided to get a pumpkin walnut cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and an apple crumble bar instead. I've had the cupcake already, and it was wonderful! I'm saving the apple crumble bar for tonight.

~ Finished the book I was reading (the one I mentioned previously that had good writing but wince-worthy content when it comes to sexism and slut-shaming). Not sure what I'm going to read now, but looking at the number of books on my e-reader, I have plenty to choose from! I know what I want to read, but I still have some responsibility reading to do before I can settle down with the other stuff and just read for pleasure again.

~ I definitely have a cold, and am feeling a bit miserable from it, even if there's still plenty of other positive things going on. I just feel stuffed up and achey and tired and gross. I'm trying to drink a lot of juice and tea and cuddle up under warm blankets (which is made even more appealing by the fact that the temperature dipped down to 6 C last night, and it's just as cold tonight) and just rest until I feel better.

~ The best thing about a slow cooker is the ability to put a roast in there, turn it on low, go to sleep, then wake up to the smell of delicious cooking meat and to know that the most time-consuming part of dinner has already been taken care of while you were unconscious. The pork roast needs to cook for a little while longer, but I really only just have to take care of preparing the vegetables and then dinner's ready whenever I want it!


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