Sep. 21st, 2015

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~ I made a batch of blackberry syrup. Blackberries were on sale nearby, 2 6-oz packages for $4, so I picked some up with the intent of making syrup. I now have 500 ml of blackberry syrup cooling in a mason jar on the kitchen counter, and a bowl of stewed blackberries that I want to bake into a cake soon, so that I can use them in something too.

...It does sort of look like I have a jar of blood on the kitchen counter, though. I feel very vampiric right now.

~ Found out that not only is my province 1 of only 2 in Canada that doesn't have treatment for trans folk covered by health care, but there are pretty much no trans counseling services in the province either. There's a general counseling service in another city that says they offer help for people with gender identity issues, but that's not really their area of expertise. In other words, I live in a pretty lousy place, Canada-wise, for health care actually recognizing that I may need something from them. It's bad enough that I'm constantly misgendered by people on the street, but the idea that I might not even be able to find a doctor who could understand and help me work toward transition... It's disheartening. One of those things that makes me feel defeated before I can really even begin.

~ Switched this journal from LiveJournal to DreamWidth. I've had other DreamWidth journals before, and I like the site in general, but there isn't much community to it, and very little activity. Of course, a few days of looking at LiveJournal told me there wasn't much activity over there either, anymore. And I was reminded of all the things that LiveJournal had done over the years to make me dislike what the company had become. So I stuck everything back over here on DreamWidth. Even if there still isn't much community activity going on over here, at least I won't feel bad, supporting a site with policies I disagree with.

~ I finished reading up to volume 3 of Hourou Musuko. I'm enjoying it so far. I like how it looks at the social pressures of trans kids, and how they try to deal with things. Definitely worth reading, if the manga stays at this level of quality.

~ Slept horribly, thanks to construction work taking place literally right in front of my house. Complete with jackhammers. Ugh. I could have done without that. And because of that, plus the fact that it's really chilly tonight, all I want to do is curl up under blankets and read, but I'm afraid of falling asleep and messing up my sleep schedule.


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