Sep. 18th, 2015

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~ Filed my taxes. Yes, yes, I know I did it long after I was supposed to, but at least I did it. Much to the government's annoyance, I'm sure, since they say right on their website that if I'm expecting a refund, I don't technically have to file a return if I really don't want to. But I am expecting a return (a little over $500), and I do want that money in my bank account because I have obligations I need to meet, so I finally stopped procrastinating and got it done.

~ Persona 5's release date has been delayed, so I'm no longer going to get to play that this year. I'd rather wait longer for a great game than have an okay game right now, though, so I'm not too upset by this news. Also, it gives me plenty of time to play through Personas 1-4 in anticipation.

Which I'd have done already, if only I could find my PSP adapter so I could charge it...

~ I made a batch of iced lemon green tea tonight, because I haven't had any in about a month and I've been craving some.

~ Took advantage of some sales to get a couple of loaves of Country Harvest apple bread, some spinach-and-cheese stuffed ravioli, a chicken lasagna, and other assorted delicious things. I'm looking forward to cooking some tasty meals this coming week! I also got a few cartons of blackberries, to make blackberry syrup with. Lots of cooking to be done!

~ Also bought a desk lamp for my bed, so it'll be easier to read at night (the overhead lights in this house are terrible), and bathroom scales which just depress me with the numbers they show. But knowing my weight will help me see how much I'm losing over time, which is the main reason I got them. I've never been heavier, and that's definitely not a good thing, but I'm committed to dropping a lot of that weight, so I need something to measure that with.


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