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~ Got the tree all set up and decorated, which was fun, so now my house smells like evergreens, which is always nice. Handmade wreaths at the farmer's market were almost as expensive as the tree itself, so I'm passing on a wreath this year. Still, I'm pretty happy with what I have, and that's the main thing.

~ I spent most of the weekend working on embroidery, and while I probably should have spent a little more time reading, it was kind of nice to just watch TV and play with needles and thread. I finished my rewatch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and made more progress in my rewatch of Supernatural, finished another bookmark and listed it on my Etsy store, and finished almost half of a different patterned one, so I'm considering it all a win, even if most people wouldn't consider all that to be very productive.

~ A little luck was nicely on my side this week, and I won $23 off a $7 lottery ticket! So for fun I spent some of those winnings on a couple of scratch-card games, and won another $25 from those!

I probably used up all my luck for the coming year on that, but hey, it was still pretty cool.


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