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~ I played some more Torchlight last night, since relieving stress by killing virtual monsters is quite effective with me. I ran through a couple of side-dungeons, upgraded a piece of armour and both weapons, and gained a level, so not bad for just a little bit of casual play. I've definitely had less productive sessions.

~ I spent most of the night watching videos on YouTube while working on embroidery projects. That sort of productive. I think.

I feel like I got some inspiration for some projects out of watching all those videos, at least, so I suppose that's something. Inspiration can be a productive thing too, yes?

~ I went out today to pick a tree for the holidays. I don't celebrate Christmas (being pagan, I'm more of a Yule person than a Christmas person), but I love the smell of evergreens, and there's something that remains really festive about having a tree, even if I don't associate it with Christmas traditions so much as pagan ones.

And more specifically, my traditions. Which I guess is the most important thing.

~ I deleted a whole bunch of old Wordpress blogs that I've been sitting on for some time. If I haven't used them in months, and there wasn't much content there to begin with, I don't need to squat on the name anymore. Goodbye, old useless random blogs for projects that never really got off the ground.


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