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~ I didn't post a Daily Grind entry last night because I did absolutely nothing, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But saying, "I did absolutely nothing and thoroughly enjoyed it" doesn't make for a very interesting entry when there's nothing else to accompany it.

~ Had a great phone call with my dad, in which we talked about our usual wide variety of things: sex toys, hoverboards, transgender issues, the state of Islamophobia in the US. Really, this is actually a pretty average sampling of the topics we discuss when we talk. We bring up everything and anything, and it's usually pretty enjoyable. It was nice to hear from him again.

We did have a fun conversation about what I might like for Christmas, and he asked me to browse Amazon and send him a couple of ideas. I know roughly the price range he'd be looking at, so that helps narrow it down. The two biggest things I want in my life right now that I don't have are an affordable vlogging camera, or a manual treadmill. I miss vlogging, for one thing, and I also think that a manual treadmill would help me get more exercise when it's really cold or stormy outside.

The downside is that most manual treadmills have weight limits of, well, less than what I weigh. So I don't even know if I should be considering that as an option until I've lost more weight... Ironic, seeing as how I figure that it would help me lose weight...

~ Turkey burgers for supper. Nothing special, unless you count me adding a bit of smoked gruyere cheese to them (which goes so nicely with turkey, by the way).

~ My reviewing certainly seems to be taking off even more these days, with some of the products people are offering. So far I know I have 2 smartwatches and a wireless speaker coming my way, and a probably partnership to be a long-term regular reviewer for a plus-size clothing seller. All of which thrills me probably more than it ought to. Even though these aren't big brands that I'm being offered, I like that I managed to garner enough attention over the years to make people think I'm worth pitching stuff to.

~ Went out before bed to get some holiday shopping done, including a charity gift for a local senior citizen, a pork shoulder for Yule, and other assorted goodies. Then went to the library for a variety of new books, because books! I ended up walking over 11,000 steps today, which made my goal and then some!


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