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I didn't end up reviewing everything I received in the past 2 Skoshboxes, because a couple of the treats didn't leave me with much of an impression, either positive or negative. But I did write up things for most of them, and here they are. (May they help you with all your Japanese snack needs!)

Sakupan-Land Almond Cream-Filled Choco Biscuit - Bite-sized little cookie balls that are crisp on one side and chocolate-coated on the other, and filled with a really tasty almond cream. The flavours blend together really nicely. The almond cream flavour comes through strongest, but it's still balanced really well by both the small amount of chocolate and the general sweetness of the cookie part.

Also, each little cookie ball has a panda face printed on it, and there are so many unique faces that part of the fun is looking through them all and seeing the variety of adorable pandas!

Sakuma Ichigo Milk Candy - At first they don't look like anything special. Little hard candies that are a light pink, and you expect them to taste like the usual mild fake-strawberry flavour you get from a lot of hard candies. But I honestly have never had a candy that tastes more like a high-quality strawberry milkshake that this! They're so delicious, and I love to have a little terta-pouch of them in my pocket, so I can get that flavour again whenever I want.

Goma-Dango sesame mochi chocolate - This is the sort of flavour combination you don't see very often in North American snacks. First you've got a surprisingly touch chewy mochi in the centre, then the strong flavour of sesame seeds, all coated in white chocolate. It's a unique snack that was interesting to try but I don't think it will ever be one of my favourites, but that has less to do with the mochi and sesame combination and more to do with the white chocolate coating, which I've never been a fan of. I found that overpowered the rest of the flavours and ruined a bit of the experience for me.

The packaging is pretty cute, though, with either Japanese writing on it, or else a panda face, both done in a pattern of black and white sesame seeds. Definitely a snack that sticks out in your mind.

Blueberry Collon - I was surprised by this, because I'm not a big fan of blueberries or blueberry-flavoured things. But the blueberry flavour is so mild that it's more of a vague aftertaste than anything else, and all that really comes through is the flavour of crispy cookie and cream. So, not something that I suspect people who really like blueberries will enjoy much, because they may find themselves disappointed by the lack of stronger flavour, but otherwise it's an okay snack.

Pejoy Cookies & Cream - These things look like nothing so much as twigs from a tree! But don't let the appearance turn you away, because they taste really good! They're chocolate cookie sticks filled with a mild vanilla cream, similar to a sort of inverse Pocky. They're really good, with the cream being just a little bit richer than the chocolate of the cookie stick, so they're a great light snack with a classic sweet flavour. It works well at any time of year, but I've always associated cookies-and-cream flavour with the December holiday season, so I definitely have some good associations going with this appropriately-timed taste-test.

Bisco Cafe au Lait cream filled biscuits - I'm not a fan of coffee, and I rarely like coffee-flavoured things. And these little two-bite cream-filled cookies smell so strongly of coffee that I really expected to dislike them as much as I dislike a load of other coffee products. But I forged ahead and tried them anyway, and I was actually pretty surprised at how tasty they were.

The coffee flavour is nowhere near as strong as the scent, balanced wonderfully by the flavour of the biscuit it's layered between. So don't let the strong smell disuade you; I can see these appealing to coffee-lovers and non-coffee-lovers alike!

Pocky Demitasse - Shorter than your average Pocky stick, Pocky Demitasse comes in a fancy gold-and-black box with a black package on the inside, very classy and making me think of a very fancy high-quality product. The sticks are chocolate rather than the usual plain cookie that Pocky normally has, and the coating is a rich dark chocolate that hits hard and fast, just riding the edge between bitter and sweet. The chocolate is dark enough that it's hard to eat many of the sticks at one time, making it actually a really good long-lasting snack that can last you all through the day, not just something you eat all of at once. And despite the fact that the cookies were also chocolate, I found that I could taste the dark chocolate coating more than anything else, so I wasn't instantly overwhelmed with a "too much chocolate" sensation. Very nice, and I want more of these around the house for future snacking!
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