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~ Wrote a short book review and 3 product reviews and posted them all to various sites.

~ I can't believe it's December!

I can't believe I only have one more month left of my Adam Lambert calendar hanging on the wall.

This upsets me probably more than it ought to...

~ I've been feeling oddly motivated to really make a push at losing weight and getting in better shape lately. Possibly because I'm struck more and more by how "a better shape" involves me looking considerably less gender-specific. I feel like I should be sticking aspiration posters on my walls.

Though my aspirations posters are less, "I totally want to be hot and thin enough that you could count my ribs," and more, "If I met some of my idols tomorrow, would I want that first meeting to involve me looking as I am now? No? Then work on becoming the person I'd want them to meet!" So my aspiration images are the people I want to meet, so I have that goal in mind.

~ Now that it's December, my few days of rest from NaNo are over, so it's time to get back into the writing groove and get back to work on one of the ideas I started last month.

Go figure, though; I wake up after a freaking amazing story-dream that had enough detail that I know there's a novella in there. And because that's fresh in my mind, I want to write that more.

Thanks, brain. You're so wonderful at giving me reasons to stay on target...
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